Thursday, February 10, 2011

and it begins...

Dear world,

As I break through the barrier of my 28th birthday, it becomes clear to me that Melbourne's man drought is alive and well. It has taken over the city like a virus, leaving men to pick and choose from the many potentials and the girls to say, well I guess that will do. I guess I can accept a man who arrives late or cancels at the last minute, never texts back, thinks inviting me around to his friend's beer-bong drinking contest is an acceptable 'date', rocks up in his gym gear and asks if fish n chips will do, has no goals or dreams or passions or even.... gasp...values. 

Well, no ladies, this does not 'do'. This is not good enough.

I am one of the man drought's victims but I am not willing to drown in its darkness. This blog will details my melodramatic musings for 2011. This year I will approach the path of love with different steps. No, I will not be lowering my standards or taking the next bogan who yells out at me from a car window. I do not need a ride thanks, my recycled bike is more than enough.

Yet, I will be opening my heart to all the options and I shall not become dismayed. I will smile at the man sitting across from me on the tram and ask him to share his music taste. I will speed date. I will go to ratty night clubs and shake hip hop moves. I will rock on down to the local and talk music to the male punters in the crowd.  I will try and find love amongst the browsers of Border's bookshelves. I will blind date the best friend of your work colleague's brother. I will even go online. I won't worry that the nice looking gent who has caught my eye may be taken, gay, an asshole or all three. My heart is open.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you. I hope you can relate to my insights and learn through my mistakes for I will surely stumble along the way. If there are special moments- if I even find love and defy this drought that has left so many of us dismayed - then I hope we can celebrate together.

Sierra x

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