Monday, February 14, 2011

a valentine's day special


It is the first official week of Operation Open-Heart and I am ready to embark on my adventure into dating and drama.

Love appeared to be blooming in Melbourne CBD last night. My favourite couple sighting was the tradie and his missus in the park eating out of pizza boxes and sculling a bottle of pepsi as they watched the passers by. They certainly looked a hell of a lot happier than the suited-up boys and girls in yellow stilettos parading their way down Swanston Street.

I also felt the love last night but this was not because I had a hot date (my sniffles have kept this option at bay for the moment). Rather, it is because I ended up dancing with the hare krishnas in the middle of the street. With lycra legs and flying hair, I waved my hands to the gods and let the joy rain down. In this moment, I found love.

So often we seek love in such a boxed-up, black and white, societally-defined way. It involves white picket fences and walking the dog and snuggling on the couch. It is ordered and controlled. First date, second date, the first kiss, going out, the shag, engagement, marriage, children, death. It is fighting over the minutae and searching for the passion that ordered love lacks in the arms of a stranger. It is beige and blinded.

This isn’t the love I seek.

To me, love is broader. It is wild and sporadic and hilarious and wholehearted. It is dancing in the street. It is letting the night take you and not knowing where you will end up. It’s the explosion of unexpected heart beats and a skin shiver at the other person’s touch. It is the words – you fucking rock my world, you let me be me, with you I feel alive, crazy, beautiful, desired. Most importantly, it is honest and true and happy with what it is. Earthy, real, dirty, whole. Pretences thrown out a window and smashed upon pavement. 

Dear world, it is this love that I seek and I believe it is possible. I am now on a path to find it …

Sierra x

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